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The crisis. The innovation consciousness training

2014.04.26 12:30 afternoon, Wenzhou southeast carbon products and Suzhou Donghao electrical carbon company a total of more than 45 people, to organize itself. Innovation consciousness training [crisis], the training includes indoor trainingday, then at night outdoors hiking 40 kilometers, 10 hours of continuous walking,

Activities were grouped, we fear, fear, fear of hardships along the body tiredhungry, group PK and group, all the participants reached the destination for events. To each participant's face were filled with out a smile and the joy of success.

Through this activity, stimulating originally numb spiritual, mental and physicalchallenges employee maximum, triggered a cognitive activity, emotion, will andcommunication activities, will empty team spirit into reality maximization, enhance team cohesion, execution, while training students body, let the students get great satisfaction in spirit and body.

After the activity, and timely sharing activities, awarded outstanding team and the outstanding person.




Source: Wenzhou donon carbon ware CO.,LTD.  Time: 2014/6/26  View:2261

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